The Scooter course is aimed at scooter and moped riders whose riding is primarily in urban environments.


Scooter training is available to boost your skills and confidence, and help keep you safe. With a maximum of six riders per course, and delivered by NZTA-accredited instructors, it's fun to do and makes every ride more enjoyable.

Training examples

The Scooter Survival course takes four hours and covers the crucial skills you need to stay safe when riding. It is purpose-designed for scooter riders, concentrating on urban riding and commuting.

The course includes such things as:

  • positioning to see and be seen
  • safe and effective braking
  • dealing with traffic
  • cornering.

All this and more for just $20. You'll be under the guidance of a professional instructor at all times, and emerge a more confident, competent and safer rider.

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